Attend This Event With Me – Svadhyaya (Self Study)

Buy Tickets to Proctor-Gallagher Goal Achiever Summit!

In about three weeks I will be attending a virtual event with two of my favorite teachers, Bob Proctor & Sandy Gallagher. These guys are not really yogis, but I find that the inspirational teachings apply. In fact, I often share their stories in my yoga classes. This time they will be teaching about Achieving […] click here to read more

Samskaras – Do We Keep Falling Into the Same Hole?

All of us have had times when we have fallen into the trap of repeating the same, unhelpful behavior over and over, even though it leads to something negative.  Usually this stems from unconscious beliefs and habits we’ve learned in childhood.  In yoga we call patterns/habits “samskaras.”  These samskara patterns can be something as simple […] click here to read more

Yoga Meditation MP3s FREE for Christmas

Merry Christmas Gift of a FREE Yoga Meditation Download for You, My Students!

Hi Everyone, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! As this year is coming to an end I want to tell each of you how much happiness you bring to me. It is a pleasure to be part of the group energy that comes together in each class. I appreciate your continued kindness and support! […] click here to read more

You can do yoga at any age!

My Wrists Hurt When I Do Down Dog – What Should I Do?

For most people new to yoga it is common to have some wrist pain while in Downward Dog. This will typically resolve with practice and proper technique.  The three keys to resolving wrist pain in Down Dog are:   Improve technique Strengthen the wrists Increase wrist flexibility   These things will happen over time with […] click here to read more

What is the Magic Secret of Doing Yoga Poses?

CONGRATULATIONS on finding the MAGIC, SECRET FORMULA which will empower you to do all yoga poses to their fullest and most fabulous extent. Maybe you are wondering the same thing many other yoga students ask me, “How can I ______________ (do the balance poses without wobbling, be more flexible, balance upside down, levitate, become enlightened […] click here to read more

Yoga Cookies

The Cookie Thief – Inspirational Poem

The following poem reminds us to beware of our Cookie Thief tendencies.  Before accepting a chip on our shoulder (chocolate in this case) we are wise to consider we might have limited knowledge and are holding on to something best released. A woman was waiting at an airport one night, With several long hours before […] click here to read more

Are your too old to do yoga?

Are You Too Old to Practice Yoga?

Old race horses are sent to the glue factory. Old cows are sent out to pasture. Old baby veals (hmmm?) are sent to the slaughter house. But what happens to people who are too old to do yoga? How do you know when you are too old? To paraphrase Lady Bracknell from The Importance of Being […] click here to read more

Are You Remembering to Breathe?

STOP! Notice your breath… Are you aware of a connection between how you are breathing and how you are feeling? Now take three deep, slow breaths. PAUSE. Do you feel a difference? Taking even a few mindful breaths brings us back into the present moment, energizes and relaxes the body, and calms the mind. Throughout […] click here to read more

Child’s Pose – Even a Kitten Can Do It

Part of yoga is becoming more self-aware and balanced. It is great to sweat and push through a class, but don’t forget, it is also nice to pause, be still, and take a break! In Balasana, also known as Child’s Pose, the forehead is resting on the floor. The eyes are either blocked (able to […] click here to read more

Third Eye

Take Care of Your Third Eye

Practicing yoga keeps your third eye strong. click here to read more

In Shambhala all creatures live in harmony.

What is Shambhala?

Shambhala is a Sanskrit word meaning “Place of Peace and Happiness.”  Legend tells that a ruler will rise up to overthrow the time of conflict and abomination, leading to a wondrous period of harmonious living. It is believed that Shambhala is physically located somewhere high up above the clouds in the snowy peaks of the […] click here to read more

You are Entering Yoga Shambhala!

Join our Online Yoga Community. Welcome to Yoga Shambhala online yoga community for you – my students, friends, fellow yogis, sages, gurus, random passersby, and other interesting life forms including squirrels, wild racoons, those ducks I feed at the lake, aliens from other planets, and Californians. Please sit back, pour a comfy cup of herbal […] click here to read more

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