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My Wrists Hurt When I Do Down Dog – What Should I Do?

You can do yoga at any age!

For most people new to yoga it is common to have some wrist pain while in Downward Dog. This will typically resolve with practice and proper technique.  The three keys to resolving wrist pain in Down Dog are:   Improve technique Strengthen the wrists Increase wrist flexibility   These things will happen over time with […] click here to read more

Child’s Pose – Even a Kitten Can Do It

Part of yoga is becoming more self-aware and balanced. It is great to sweat and push through a class, but don’t forget, it is also nice to pause, be still, and take a break! In Balasana, also known as Child’s Pose, the forehead is resting on the floor. The eyes are either blocked (able to […] click here to read more