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My Wrists Hurt When I Do Down Dog – What Should I Do?

You can do yoga at any age!

For most people new to yoga it is common to have some wrist pain while in Downward Dog. This will typically resolve with practice and proper technique.  The three keys to resolving wrist pain in Down Dog are:   Improve technique Strengthen the wrists Increase wrist flexibility   These things will happen over time with […] click here to read more

What is the Magic Secret of Doing Yoga Poses?

CONGRATULATIONS on finding the MAGIC, SECRET FORMULA which will empower you to do all yoga poses to their fullest and most fabulous extent. Maybe you are wondering the same thing many other yoga students ask me, “How can I ______________ (do the balance poses without wobbling, be more flexible, balance upside down, levitate, become enlightened […] click here to read more

Are You Too Old to Practice Yoga?

Are your too old to do yoga?

Old race horses are sent to the glue factory. Old cows are sent out to pasture. Old baby veals (hmmm?) are sent to the slaughter house. But what happens to people who are too old to do yoga? How do you know when you are too old? To paraphrase Lady Bracknell from The Importance of Being […] click here to read more