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Child’s Pose – Even a Kitten Can Do It

Even kittens take time for Child's Pose.

Even kittens take time for Child’s Pose.

Part of yoga is becoming more self-aware and balanced. It is great to sweat and push through a class, but don’t forget, it is also nice to pause, be still, and take a break! In Balasana, also known as Child’s Pose, the forehead is resting on the floor. The eyes are either blocked (able to only see the floor), closed, or in a drishti (gaze point such as the tip of the nose). In any of those cases, it forces our eyes to be still, helping to quiet the mind. It gives our body time to recover. It offers a chance for us to check in with our inner self and start back fresh with the class when we are ready.

This kitten knows that well and is demonstrating an extended arm Balasana (Child’s Pose) before returning to his eating practice.

Once I spent an entire class in child’s pose. It was wonderful! What are your child’s pose experiences?


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