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Hello Everyone!

As a holiday gift for you, my students, I am giving you three FREE yoga meditation mp3 downloads for you to use on your iPod, iTunes, smart phone, computer, or any other device that plays mp3s. Your free meditations are below. Just click the links and save them to your hard drive. I hope you will enjoy them.

THANK YOU all for the wonderful spirit each of you bring to the yoga classes!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

TI Yogi


INSTRUCTIONS FOR DOWNLOAD: You can download and store these files in your iTunes, iPod, smart phone, or other device. To save the file, click on each green, underlined, meditation title below. It will take you to a player page. Right click the player and from the drop down menu select, “Save Audio As.” Select the location where you would like to store the file, and then click, “OK.” You will now have an mp3 copy of the meditation and can use it on any device. Repeat the above procedure on all three links to get all of the meditations.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Listen to these meditations in a place where you can be undisturbed and safely close your eyes. Do not listen to them while driving, operating machinery, or doing any other task that requires your attention.

Free Yoga Meditation mp3 #1: Yoga Shambhala Five Minute Mini-Break Meditation v2 * This short meditation is easy to fit in throughout your day whenever you need a quick shot of calm, comfortable, relaxation. This is great for people who don’t want to meditate, but want the benefits. It is so quick, you can find time for it no matter how busy your day.

Free Yoga Meditation mp3 #2: Yoga Shambhala Metta Meditation v6 * This is my variation of the sacred Metta/Loving-Kindness Meditation. Research has shown Metta Meditation has numerous health and emotional benefits. It opens our hearts and leaves us feeling better about ourselves and all living beings.

Free Yoga Meditation mp3 #3: Yoga Shambhala Liquid Sunshine Relaxation Meditation  * This is a combination of a visualization and progressive relaxation exercise. It will increase your ability to relax and help you focus your mind. You can also use this one before bed to fall asleep more easily and sleep more soundly. 


* I may add revised versions over the next week. Feel free to check back and download the revisions if you desire.

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