What is Shambhala?

In Shambhala all creatures live in harmony.

Shambhala is a Sanskrit word meaning “Place of Peace and Happiness.”  Legend tells that a ruler will rise up to overthrow the time of conflict and abomination, leading to a wondrous period of harmonious living. It is believed that Shambhala is physically located somewhere high up above the clouds in the snowy peaks of the […] click here to read more

You are Entering Yoga Shambhala!

Join our Online Yoga Community. Welcome to Yoga Shambhala online yoga community for you – my students, friends, fellow yogis, sages, gurus, random passersby, and other interesting life forms including squirrels, wild racoons, those ducks I feed at the lake, aliens from other planets, and Californians. Please sit back, pour a comfy cup of herbal […] click here to read more

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