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You are Entering Yoga Shambhala!


Join our Online Yoga Community.

Welcome to Yoga Shambhala online yoga community for you – my students, friends, fellow yogis, sages, gurus, random passersby, and other interesting life forms including squirrels, wild racoons, those ducks I feed at the lake, aliens from other planets, and Californians. Please sit back, pour a comfy cup of herbal tea, relax, and join in the conversation.

When making your first post to this site you will be asked to do a one-time-only verification of your email. Please know that your privacy is important to me and your email will be kept confidential (not sold, etc). Also, I will not send you any messages unless you request it. The only reason I am asking for this confirmation is to prevent the hundreds of daily spam messages I received at my prior site. (Yes, hundreds and hundreds a day!! Even with all of the spam filters!) Taking this step will create a better experience for you too, as you will know the conversations on the site are real people and not bots or spammers. Again, be assured your information will be held in strict confidence, and once your first comment has been approved you can easily post with one click in the future.

If you make your first comment below you can get verified now and, assuming you are a “real” person, will be able to automatically post, in the future, without having to do the email check.

So, to get things started, what types of yoga and meditation topics would you most like to see on this site?

2 Responses to You are Entering Yoga Shambhala!

  1. Hello TI,
    I love your articles and your concept.
    first I would like to ask if you are at all affiliated with the Shambhala Buddhist organization.
    Second, I own a loose leaf artisan tea company in Colorado.
    I have created a Chakra Tea Collection. Can you tell me if there are particular poses that correlate directly to the chakra centers. I would like to include this with my set to better inform the public.
    Thank you

    • Thank you, Becky. I am not affiliated with them but have share their philosophies, as well as those of others. And how wonderful about your Chakra Tea Collection. I will write some articles to share poses related to each chakra. What a great way to combine two yoga, tea and energy.