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What is the Magic Secret of Doing Yoga Poses?

Yoga Secret Revealed to You!

Yoga Secret Revealed to You!

CONGRATULATIONS on finding the MAGIC, SECRET FORMULA which will empower you to do all yoga poses to their fullest and most fabulous extent.

Maybe you are wondering the same thing many other yoga students ask me, “How can I ______________ (do the balance poses without wobbling, be more flexible, balance upside down, levitate, become enlightened by 3pm today, etc. fill-in-the-blank)?”

The variation to this question is, “I don’t understand it! I have been coming to yoga for two whole weeks now – once each Thursday morning – and I am STILL not able to ___________ (place my leg behind my head, float from handstand to chataranga, do all the stuff those level 3 students are doing, get a date with that person in the front row, etc.).”

The Yoga Sutras give us the MAGIC ANSWER which will now allow you to achieve all of the above and more. The secret revealed is:

Yoga Sutras, Book 1, Verse 14:  “Practice becomes firmly grounded when well attended to for a long time, without break and in all earnestness.”

This sutra gives us three keys for opening up ability:

  1. “…when well attended to for a long time,” – You can get a Big Mac in 5 minutes or less, but a good Down Dog takes longer. Devote to consistent practice either daily or the at least a couple of times a week;
  2. “…without break” – If you keep skipping yoga and taking months, or even years, off you will not have the same progress as someone who works each day; and
  3. “…in all earnestness” – You have to be intensely trying and CONCENTRATING. That means NO emails, texting, phone calls, tweets, not even going on Facebook during class. No watching what people are doing in the other room. No planning what you are going to eat when you get home, what errands you will run later, and what the yoga teacher SHOULD be having you do right now. Instead, focus inward. Notice your body in the pose, your emotions, and your breathing. Try to do your best each practice even if it does not feel like you are improving!!!

Now you know the secret. Patthabi Jois says, “Do your practice and all is coming.”



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